Husband and Wife with baby strapped to mom

Danka is a godsend! Shortly before our daughter was born, I found Danka and her colleague, Sierra, after happening upon an article in The New York Times about how everyone should have a postpartum doula. Indeed. After an initial phone consult, my husband and I met with both doulas when our baby was only one week old. We hit it off with Danka, in particular, who hails from my husband’s hometown of Kiev, Ukraine.

In addition to her expertise with so many important elements of postpartum care (lactation chief among them), Danka possesses that rare and oh-so helpful ability to assess the situation upon arrival for a shift and take charge with however we most needed help, often without us having to ask.

From opening the refrigerator and raiding the pantry to whip up a wonderful meal, seemingly out of thin air, to tending to our baby, doing the laundry, playing with our dog, making sure I took time to relax and giving my husband rare moments of quality time together...we can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for our family.

When our little girl was sick for the first time, she brought over homemade chicken soup for her — completely unsolicited. We even brought Danka with us to a friend’s wedding in San Francisco, which gave us great peace of mind knowing our baby was in such good hands.

She’s become a good friend and we cannot recommend her multitude of postpartum doula services enough!

-Berit C, SLC - Mother of 1 year old

Celina with a kind and broad smile

Working with Danka feels like a seamless transition between complementary skill sets. Where I was unable to support my clients further Danka was able to step in and build upon the infrastructure I had worked with the client to establish.

She is grounded in what she knows as an experienced and studied professional with the bold awareness of the life long student that she is to speak up and create clear boundaries when requests or questions (rarely) are outside her skill set.

Her passion and experience have been and continue to be assets that I, as a peer, continue to rely on.

Danka has been an invaluable member of the support teams we have worked in collectively. I continue to be pushed to self betterment with her balance of compassionate and enthusiastic support as a peer, colleague, mentor, coworker, and friend.

-Celina Wigle, CDP - Owner, Day One Doula

Plate of salad

When baby #2 was on his way, I didn't know how I was going to take care of a newborn AND a 2 year old, as well as maintain my household and my sanity. When Danka told me about her postpartum services, I was so relieved that I had found help! Instead of "stuff for the baby" that we didn't need, I told anyone who asked to donate towards our postpartum care. Danka has provided such great care for myself and my kids and made our transition from a family of 3 to 4 so much easier.

Danka has always answered questions I've had, even when I text her on a day off, and always has great advice. She is a FANTASTIC cook! Having several days worth of healthy food cooked, prepped, and ready to eat have really been a game changer. We come up with a menu, and then she gets groceries, cooks (usually while baby wearing) and always makes sure I'm fed before she leaves. It's so hard to shop, cook, and clean with 2 littles, and she takes care of it all so I can spend time with my kids, or go on a little date with my husband, or even just take a shower in peace!

I am so grateful for the help doulas provide for myself and my family. They are truly amazing, caring women and their work makes the postpartum time so much easier.

-Kami M, UT - Mom to 2 year old & 4 month old

Danka holding baby

Before I met Dona I've never had any experience working with a Doula. I became pregnant with my first child in 2014 & my boyfriend had passed away tragically in a car accident. I was alone & scared with this little beautiful baby girl. I was suffering from postpartum depression & I didn't know what to do. A friend recommended Dona to me. I contacted her and she generously volunteered her time to me & my baby. I couldn't believe someone would do that for me. I learned a lot from Dona!.

-Dawn M, NY

Danka with a baby

I met Dona in the very early stages of my pregnancy, when she was assigned as my counselor at the Brooklyn Birthing Center. Her vast knowledge & guidance were integral to my experience. She was genuinely curious & invested in my well being, which made me feel supported and not lost as a first time mom-to-be.

She is practical, approachable & lovely. When my birth experience turned out to be something quite negative that I didn't expect, she was a rock & a fountain of resources to help me cope.

I feel grateful to have come across Dona because she's a thorough professional with a heart of gold... a woman's woman!

-Sandie L, NY - Mother of 2

Danka helping Carrie in spa

Danka is an amazing doula! She is a wealth of knowledge, and an invaluable asset to have as a part of your prenatal, birth, and postpartum team. We met with her a few times before the birth of my daughter, and she helped us prepare for a home birth with great insight and advice. She was easy to reach, and highly responsive when questions arose for us. Her patient, attentive, and calming presence at the birth contributed tremendously to us achieving our ideal experience. Her continued support postpartum was truly irreplaceable and she guided me through overcoming a variety of challenges during that time. I'm so thankful she was a part of our experience and I would highly recommend her!

-Carrie M, UT - Mother of 2

Danka making baby food

Danka helped me after the birth of my second baby. She was excellent at making me feel relaxed and like everything around the house was being taken care of. She cooked meals, folded laundry, wore the baby while I put my toddler to bed, and even brought her ice cream maker from home to have a special activity to do with my toddler while I spent time with my newborn. I highly recommend Danka as a postpartum doula!

-Beth H, SLC - Mother of 2

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