Basic services:

Children smiling, while laying down close with newborn baby.
  • private childbirth education classes
  • 2-3 prenatal visits
  • newborn care & education
  • breastfeeding support & referrals
  • help with babywearing
  • sibling care
  • emotional / physical help with recovery
  • meal preparation / light housekeeping
  • continuous phone / email support
  • help with return to work

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Prenatal & Labor

prenatal & Labor doula options

private childbirth education classes in your home

as a certified cooperative childbirth educator, i offer classes in your home that are tailored to the specific desires of your family & schedule depending on your needs, classes can range from an 8 week curriculum to a 2 day intensive in certain cases pricing is based on the length of the series & payment installments available for all families

Free 30 minute consultation via phone or in person available:

please call or text 347.415.7400 to schedule or use the contact form on this page

Two Prenatal Visits

after our initial consultation, if you have decided that we are a good fit & will be working together, you will have 2 prenatal visits

during this time we will discuss the ways in which you envision your birthing experience & labor, realistic expectations & find ways in which to best prepare you for this life altering experience

these visits are intended to not only create a plan & ask important questions but just as much for us to get to know one another so that you are most comfortable having me as one of the support people at your birth

Labor & Birth Support

as your birth doula, i will stay with you from the moment you feel that you need my support in labor, whether it be in your home, the birth center or hospital & until after baby has been born & you have settled in

Phone & Email Support

once hired, i will be available to you & your family by phone or text 24 hours a day, to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have

i am also more than happy to refer you to any of the wonderful providers in the community should you have issues or interests that are beyond my scope of practice

Postpartum Visit

after the birth of the baby, we will set up a postpartum visit to talk about your experience, answer any questions that have come up & help you with anything you may need done around the home

if you chose to hire me as your postpartum doula, you will have the benefit of continuity of having someone postpartum who is also very familiar with your birth experience, your needs & your family


clients are booked on a first come, first serve basis & no more than 2 clients per month are ever booked to assure no overlapping

you will be prioritized & notified of any unavailable dates in advance


the fee for all services, including, 2 prenatal visits, on call for 2 weeks prior to & 2 weeks after your due date, back-up doula & postpartum visit is $1350

your payment can be divided into 3 installments if needed

Postpartum Services

Postpartum Services

Postpartum Care

Receive nurturing support during the delicate & tender first weeks of welcoming baby home. Your doula is available to help with things such as: newborn care education, meal preparation, laundry, light house cleaning, birth story processing, sibling support, nursery organization, birth recovery support &  more. Postpartum care is scheduled in 4, 6 or 10 (night) hour increments. Visit extensions and schedule change requests can be met based on your doula’s availability.

Night Doula Care

Ease tough nights with a new baby with overnight support. Have baby brought to you for night feedings & wake to a home cooked breakfast with snacks or meals prepped for the following day. Overnight care is offered in 10 hour increments scheduled between 7pm and 7am.

Wish to add care to your package?

If you would like to schedule additional care beyond your care package á la carte hours may be added at a rate of $35 per hour in 4 hour increments. Additional packages can also be purchased.

Have a registry?

Instead of registering for items you likely already have prepared for your baby’s arrival, why not suggest to family members & friends to contribute to your postpartum health, wellbeing & overall piece of mind with a package, or additional hours to add to your base package.


Non-contracted care is available at the á la carte rate (see above). Availability cannot be guaranteed for non-contracted clients.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service & Care Policies


Care is scheduled based on availability at time of contract signing & payment. Upon signing & payment a 24 hour calendar hold window will be made for you, after which availability is subject to change. For families signing prior to birth, all efforts will be made to hold an on call window of 14 days around your estimated due date. In the event of scheduling and/or availability conflicts, clients have the option of receiving the care and support of a backup doula.


Payment Plan Option

Your package balance can be divided into 4 installments with the first payment due at contract signing. Your package balance is due no later than your first scheduled visit.

Invalid Payment Policy

In the event of returned checks, unaccepted card payments, or other form of rejected or invalid payment client will be contacted via email. Scheduled care will remain on the calendar for 2 business days pending a response & payment correction. If there is no response, scheduled care will be canceled and re-scheduled upon payment being processed.

Big city kiddos charges a $75 administrative fee for all invalid payments.

Canceling Services & Refund Policy

Unexpected events happen, perhaps a friend or relative is able to come & provide support or perhaps circumstances require your family to relocate outside of our service radius, we understand.

In the event that you wish to cancel or discontinue services without having used all of your purchased package, a refund of no more than 50% of your remaining service balance can be negotiated. If certain dates/times were agreed upon & cancelled abruptly, payment must be made in full

Illness Policy

Please inform your doula via phone, text, and/or email if anyone in your home has experienced fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea within 24 hours of your next scheduled visit. Your doula may agree to arrive as scheduled, or reschedule at their discretion. In the event that your doula experiences the above listed symptoms, all efforts will be made to contact you no less than 12 hours prior to your scheduled. Clients will be presented with the option of receiving care and support from a back-up doula or receive rescheduling dates.

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