Postpartum Packages

Children smiling, while laying down close with newborn baby.

Ultimate treat

250 hours - $7250

250 hours of both day & night time to use as you wish for the first 6 months after baby’s birth. any hours not used within baby’s first year can be gifted to a friend

Extended care

100 hours - $3,000

12 week care package includes 6 x 10 hour night shifts & 40 hours of day time care to be scheduled to your evolving needs

Extra selfcare

60 hours - $1850 4 x 10-hour nights & 5 x 4-hour daytime care or

60 hours of care to suit your needs

Welcome Home packages

40 or 20 hours to be scheduled as either day or night time care suited to the desires of your family

dinner with the doula

any meal of your preference to be cooked for the family that day or multiple meals to freeze & save for future use

**all meals are created to suit your individual needs, groceries can be purchased by the doula if needed & simply added to your bill

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